All our patties are made by our Mothership - The Curly Sue kitchen; with love, knowledge and understanding of the food ingredients. The herbs are home- grown and spices are indigenous to Coorg. The result is a happy marriage of food science and craft.


Our Burger patties are an involved mix of tender meat and fat in good proportion, aided by estate-grown spices and herbs. The patty is the Star of our show, be it Pork, Lamb, Beef or Chicken.

The Curly Sue Pork’s BBQ Pulled Pork which is 8- hour cooked with tomato and a myriad of herbs and spices is a popular burger choice, topped with coleslaw ofcourse.

Our Fish patty is twice crumbed using a special dust, batter and crumb. Then it is deep fried, keeping it crisp till it reaches you.

Our Vegan burger options include a red bean burger and a Vegan Mockmeat burger served with in-house vegan cheese sauce and vegan mayonnaise.

Hot Dogs

The Mexican Chili con Carne we top our dogs is a Curly Sue Pork speciality cooked for 4 hours with 5 different chillies, tomato, herbs and spices.

Our Pork Bockwurst and the Chicken hotdogs are sourced from a German sausage production unit with the best hygiene and process protocols.


Our Sandwiches or Melts as we would like to call them, are built using Artisanal Sourdough bread, a mix of hand-shredded Edam, Gouda and Mild Cheddar and topped off with fresh mozzarella from A2 milk.

The Karthakaad ham used in the melts is smoked and cooked in Coorg spices of Karthakaad - black pepper, honey, mixed citrus and Birdseye chilly. Sourced from the Curly Sue Pork menu. Other fillings include Pork or Chicken sausage, BBQ pulled Pork and grilled mushroom.